Why Liv?

A novel by Jon Sebastian Shifrin
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Livingstone Mordicai Ackerman—Liv, to his friends—leads an enviable life. The twenty-something works a corporate job in Manhattan, has doctor-in-training girlfriend, and maintains a wide social circle. He personifies success.

Yet all is not as it seems.

Liv’s job is a tedious, soul-gutting slog replete with toxic office politics and his girlfriend a vacuous, image-conscious snob. His pathologically narcissistic parents, meanwhile, are constant irritants.

Add to this the febrile political climate dominated by a reactionary group, the Patriot Posse. Its angry members, menaced by humiliation, real and imagined, converge on major cities coast-to-coast, including New York. More ominous still, their leader, a mendacious radio personality with outlandish hair and catchy campaign slogan to “Make America Great Again,” is a presidential candidate—and he’s winning!

How does one maintain a sense of dignity and worth in such a cynical environment devoid of humanity and hope?

Told with humor, charm, and wit, Why Liv? attempts to explain why modern work is so devoid of purpose and why reactionary politics is so alluring in America. But most of all, it humbly attempts to offer a reason to persevere in these difficult times.

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Jon Sebastian Shifrin is a writer whose political commentary and short stories have appeared in various newspapers and literary journals. He also is the founder of The Daily Dissident (www.dailydissident.com), a popular current events web magazine. Jon lives in Washington, DC.